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November 19, 2008

my metroid prime 3

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yes, this game came out years ago … or at least it feels that way. 

but i feel like talking about it.  recently, the wii hasn`t been getting used as much.  i gorged on mario galaxy, and mariokart, play a soccer game every now and then, but team fortress 2 on pc was getting most of my gaming love. 

but then i decided to take another look at metroid prime 3.  i wanted to see how good it looked compared to what my year old laptop can do (for portal and tf2), and i wanted to compare (for myself) keyboard mouse versus wiimote nunchuck. 

i didn`t complete everything first time, but i finished the story.  i am walking through it again, on normal settings with the fastest turning time.  and i remembered some things i had forgotten. 

first, how glad i was when this game came out.  a big, brassy sci-fi game on Wii?  a hobbyist game?  yes please.  i`d just finished with chocobo tales, which was fun, but very lightweight … beautiful art, interesting story (eh, kinda)… unfortunately it also has some cheap respawning and lightweight attempts at tension (the base is falling apart etc, but i know nothing will happen till the i press the big red button or whatever) …

did i mention the beautiful artdesign and the fact that it is a hobbyist(for gamers) game?  loved it first time, still loving it.  i chose to play through on normal (easy) rather than on hard, maybe cos i am not that kind of player.  i felt like just strolling through the game world, rather than dieing 10 times in every boss fight. 

loving it.

ummm, the controls.  both feel fine for me, keyboard mouse or wiimote nunchuck.  both are a notch above twin analogue sticks for me … (a while back i played “black” on ps2, just after playing resi 4 on wii, and i didn`t want to fiddle with twin sticks anymore.  i would buy black on wii pretty quickly if they made it). 

a curious question is why they didn`t make more shooters on wii.  metroid isn`t a true shooter, its a puzzle adventure wrapped up in a shooter.  the next thing on wii is the conduit, or red steel 2.  that is a long time between shooters … did they not make a metroid multiplayer because it wasn`t fun?  what`S going on here?  if someone made a wiimote nunchuk combo for 360 or ps3 that worked with any game (resistance, halo etc) i would jump on that methinks.  but are they not doing it because it actually isn`t fun?  hmmmmm…. curious.

i didn`t get curious about medal of honour wii, even if it has online multiplayer.  nintendo doesn`t really get the internet yet.  i use steam for some tf2, i can see servers, number of players, ping times … i can join groups, add friends, use voice … this is what i want.  they may eventually get up to scratch … but they aren`t there yet.


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