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November 19, 2008

Australia at the 2014 world cup?

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eamonn ran a post awhile ago, positing that are not going to 2014.  possible?  yes.   

i think we`ll get there, but we won`t turn any heads at the big event. 

i see a less talented, but more organised Australia team in the future.  it`ll be just as athletic as now, and more players will have better basic technique.   and more positional smarts.  less exciting, but more composed.  no more heroes – no harry, no dukes, no timmy. 

there are problems though.  too many guys are sitting on benches.  carl valeri got it very right going to grosseto.  spira at nuremberg?  looking good.  adrian leijer?  david williams?  wrong choices.  picking guys like sterjovski and carney for the NT sends a wrong message.  if guys want to play for the NT, they should be playing regularly, whatever level league their team plays in.  i am hoping that the 2014 NT is composed of players who play regularly for their clubs. 

a handful of guys playing regularly in minor euroleagues, some euroleague bench players who get some time in league matches and cup matches,  plus another couple starting regularly in the j-league.  and the rest made up of the best of the a-league … that should get us to the world cup. 

eddy bosnar will probably be joined by travis dodd soon in the j-league … that 4th AFC import spot should see a couple more aussies join up. 

the quality of the a-league is paramount … if it goes up, we have a better talent base, and a better shop window for young talent.   

i think next year`s asian cup campaign (mainly non fifa dates) will give us a good idea of what that less talented, non-magical future looks like.

i am also hoping that there is peace between the FFA and the states by 2014, with a cleanup of state level admin (so grassroots is getting value for money), and a geographically smaller second tier national comp (without promotion relegation), that can be a home for old soccer teams left out in the cold currently – strikers, knights, etc etc and more love shown to futsal, and a growing women`s league. 

course, it could all go so very wrong … but this is what i hope for



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