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November 19, 2008

a lucky win against bahrain?

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well, yes.  yes and no.  football is a cold hearted bitch.  be a bit boring if the richer team always won.  or the team with more talent.  we could just turn on football manager and hand out trophies based on that if it was.   

you don`t get points for the number of shots you take.  hitting the post is worth the same as hitting the corner flag.  and the “better”  team doesn`t always win.  but what is “better”?

a year or two back i saw an arsenal vs cska moscow game and had a personal epiphany.  arsenal kept the ball, took 50 shots or something, and lost 1 or 2 nil.  arsenal weren`t the better team.  they were toothless.  absolutely toothless.  about as useful as a ferrari with the brakes taken out.  somebody even missed an open goal from 4 yards out.  cska weren`t lucky.  they were the team who put their chances away.  all 2 of them. 

from what i saw of the highlights, bahrain will be kicking themselves for not taking 3 points.  and for giving us the opportunity to take 3points.  for all that wonderful attack and approach play, they didn`t put the ball in the net.  i think because australians are usually bad finishers, we are more forgiving of teams that “play well” but that don`t put the ball in the net.  BUT “putting the ball in the net” is a part of “playing well”. 

of course, looking ahead, we will want to defend better than we did, keep the ball the ball better than we did, and create more chances than we did.  a more clinical opponent would have won 3 nil.  at least. 

thanks schwarz.  most important socceroo atm?  in games like these he is.


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