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November 17, 2008

if i was frank farina …

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hahaha, but i`m not.  just another football manager 2009 wanabee who doesn`t know jack. 

but after reading a cool article over at the roar deal, i started imagining …

i kinda wonder whether it is worth perservering with either of dodd or grossman as the anchor, cos danny tiatto just flies off the handle too much for my liking.  wonderful footballer, which just makes it even more of a pity.  i see danny on the pitch, i see a red card just waiting to happen.

a couple of tweaks and i think the team looks pretty nice.  some nice changes have already been made.  mass playing wider on the right.  mundy at right back (despite being a centreback, he`s added value there.  for mine, de vere has to play.  good value. 

add zullo at wide left and you have a nice stretched out field.  tahj in behind smits.  smits is out of his depth, but matt simon was too in his first year.  lacking in power and confidence, but in the melbourne game, muscat tried to knock him off the ball and came off second best once or twice.  and he stays around the box.  he could turn useful later.  zullo and tahj would definitely add to the goal scoring threat. 

course, i would love to see even more radical change … mundy, de vere and mcloughan/moore (best wishes craig) in a back three, mass and zullo as wingbacks with the run of the whole flank.  smits and tahj up front, then miller, mckay and dodds/griffin/nichols/seoorsomebody else in the middle of the park.  don`t really want to see packer or seo on the pitch any more (at least not seo as a fullback).  yeah, its all a bit of nooby fanboy fantasy, but that`s what the internet is for, isn`t it?



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