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November 3, 2008

behind the times

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one thing that the internet does is bring people together.  if you have a hobby, you can link up with other people who do that same thing quite easily.  even if it is trainspotting.  or flower arranging. 

it gives me the chance to talk with other like minded people about my favourite passtimes.  i don`t know that many people in my day to day life who enjoy the same things. 

BUT it is not all rosy.  the internet gives us the chance to obsess to a degree never seen before.  when i see videogame websites and blogs, i wonder how they find the time to play all the games they go through. 

i wonder how much they enjoy the whole thing.  game reviewing sounds awful.  rush through a game.  make a number.  rush through the next. 

i just got my hands on the orange box.  a game set that came out 2 years ago i think.  its yesterday`s news.  its great. 

if i tried to catch up with all the games i want to play, yet haven`t played yet, i would – spend too much $, and get sick of playing so many games …

guess i will get to GTA4 and fallout 3 etc in a year or two …


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