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November 2, 2008

dirty cheating divers …

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eh, i can`t quite bring myself to hate them. 

maybe i have been out of australia too long, cos i seem very out of touch with how most of my countrymen feel. 

on friday i saw the youtube highlights of au versus melbourne vic.  cristiano made one of the most blatant (and easily confirmed on camera) dives i have ever seen.  i won`t cry any tears if the ffa star chamber gives him a couple of weeks to think about what he`s done, but, in the big picture, i don`t care. 

here`s my thinking. 

this isn`t aussie rules, where we can change what ever rules we like.  this is a global sport, and we have to stay in step with what the rest of the world is doing.  hence no punishment for j. griffiths nutsack whack (as merited as it would have been), why we don`t have video refs, nor naked cheerleaders…  i could be making the last one up. 

fifa, and world soccer are soft on diving.  which means its ok to do it.  some of the world`s top players are acknowledged divers.  c. ronaldo.  d. drogba.  maradonna punched the ball in the net for christ`s sake! 

and lets get to another question.  what is a dive?  is it a dive only if no contact occurs, but someone looks like they have been shot?  what about when some contact occurs, but the “victim” acts it up in order to make sure of the whistle, or in order to get his opponent carded?  and if that is also diving, how the hell do you judge when its happened?  our timmy cahill in the last wcq vs qatar is a case in point.  he went down like he had been shot.  is that a dive? 

a season or two back, an interesting thing happened.  carlos tevez of man u avoided contact in the box, lost the ball and the play continued.  many fans were saying that he should have took the contact, fell over and won his team the penalty that probably would have followed …

eh, my position is an emotional one, not a logical one.  i`ll stop trying to justify it.  but i will give one more example …

rivaldo at the WC in japan 2002 did a ridiculously blatant dive.  a turk kicked the ball at his legs, he went down like he was kicked in the face, and his opponent was red carded.  and nothing happened to rivaldo.  and afterwards, i found it hard to feel any ill will towards him.  the guy is a footballing genius.  i love the other parts of his game too much to hate him because he is a cheat.  i am a little disappointed that he had to lower himself to diving like that, but that is about it.  i didn`t hate him afterwards. 

i do have one group of players who i have no love for.  career ending thugs.  sporting careers are short.  and players work so hard to get to pro leagues.  i don`t have time for anyone who would recklessly destroy someone`s career.  kevin muscat, i remember when you broke that french guy`s leg in a friendly.  andy cole.  your`e a wanker.  simon collosimo coulda been a contender.  danny tiatto.  you stomped a guy a year ago.  dont know what else you have done, but i can imagine based on your a-league form.  your`e a mad, mad bastard.  which is a pity cos you can play.  roy keane.  zidane gets an honorable mention.  not only did he headbutt that annoying bastard, he has also stomped an opponent and had the red mist on other occasions.


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