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October 18, 2008

a-league refs

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god they are so awful.  they make so many mistakes, they are ruining the a-league.  if i was a player i would spit on them too.  they should cop an earful for all the mistakes they make.  there is a conspiracy against the victory.

etc etc etc.  given the amount of training and support they receive, our refs are about as good as we can expect.  it is like we think good refs grow on trees.  they don`t.  you find them, you bring them along, and you make them want to stay involved.  you don`t let your best refs retire early, you find a way to keep them in the game.  if that means part time reffing, whatever, make it happen. 

i think the reffing will improve if the FFA tries to build the standard. 

i don`t believe in any conspiracies against any teams, i just see substandard refs doing their best.  and mucking it up. 

was a very pertinent point in football 365 a while ago.  it is easy to respect the refs when they are right.  you are supposed to respect them all the time.  even when they get it wrong.  especially when they get it wrong.  there is a reffing panel which deals with substandard performance.  they will do their job, you do yours. 

this is from a queensland roar fan who just saw his team lose to a goal started from an offside position. 

reffing mistake or not, the roar wasn`t gonna win that game.  they are where they are in the table because they belong there.  can they pick things up?  i hope so.


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  1. everyone is harpooning the Roar now. They are also talking about playing at ballymore from 2010-11 – which still meaans only if we have too. The press is still holding van Dijk up as the key. I would bring Miller on towards the end to mix things up. But when everyone is fresh – his injury means he doesn’t have enough.

    As usual Reinaldo seems to be being held out to dry.

    Comment by john — October 22, 2008 @ 6:37 am

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