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October 15, 2008

my first ever footy match (this was back in november last year)

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Hehe, tonight I played my first footy match. I found a social comp team that needed players … and being younger than 40 made me an unusual addition to the team. seems they range from 40 to 60 something.

they all had nous and a good touch. should expect that … most of them have played football … for longer than I have been alive. but the fags and a healthy fear of injury or heart attack means they don`t run around much.

the other team was short, and our team always has extras. so i ran with the other team. turns out i met a couple of the guys on the other team around the traps. i got parked at the front. guess that makes me a `striker`. the other `striker` was the oldest guy on the park. i was a bit nervous, so i spent a bit of time `wide` – away from the scary opposition.

nil nil draw over 25 minutes. but when the old guys had chances, they weren`t half dangerous. they hit the bloody thing. us young guys generally tried to harry them off the ball and then fluffed shots and passes.

ummm, random thoughts.

very glad i have been jogging again recently. i have the fitness to play 50 minutes of social soccer. a couple of years ago it would have killed me.

i came closer than i expected to jagging a goal. bad angle, left foot. but the funniest thing was after the shot. i made a noise like `urrgh!`. as if i thought i should have got a goal or something. which made no sense at all, because i was surprised that the ball even got close to the post.

ummm, i made a pretty good pass. but i kinda forgot about that offside rule thing. the team mate i passed the ball too was 2 metres offside. at least. it took me a while to figure out why the other team got a penalty. then i remembered.

fluffed a couple of passes. made a couple of passes.

tried to do a header, and the ball embarressingly glanced off my head … the wrong way. the old guys teased me about that at half – time.

and it was fun.

and sunday is the end of year dinner. my team is pretty cool. they asked me if i was tsukebe. i guess that means perverted. they all are, so i guess we should get along well.


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