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October 15, 2008

a dude i used to work with at NOVA was in a commercial on national tv …

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bit of a shock … your`re watching tv and then you see someone you know … on a commercial. it was a commercial for Boss coffee – coffee in a can (pretty popular here).

this guy was teaching at the nova school in aobadai for a while. friendly enough guy, but he was pretty stressed out, all the time. he kinda freaked me out a bit.  something.  he just seemed like he was gonna burst or something.  i remember teaching in the chat room while he was having a yelling match with a supervisor.  there was a wall with a huge gap between the chat room and the staff room.  you could stand on a chair and look into the other room.  that was an embarressing lesson. 

it kinda reminded me of that school – small old rooms, friendly students (now i look back on it) … but everyone was in each others pockets. overworked nova admin staff … was sad to see how bad it all turned out when the company went belly up.  a lot of people didn`t get paid.  it was a good enough place to work – i left when i wanted to go. 

another friend got some tv commercial work – but he couldn`t get work regularly enough to make a living from it …

eh, thats all.

its cool when something happens and it fires up the old memory banks.


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