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October 15, 2008

4-4-2! 4-4-2! 4-4-2!

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why?  cos its attacking, isn`t it? 

whatever shape a team uses is an important issue (does the shape fit the talent you have? how will it effect the opponents etc etc)-

but the bigger question to my mind is does the team want to attack?  no shape is inherently attacking or defensive.  a scared team in a 4-4-2 is gonna start deep and stay there, maybe try to win some corners.  just because it is a 4-4-2 doesn`t make it attacking.  a lone striker supported by a stack of midfielders flooding forward isn`t defensive.  for me, italy`s world cup winning side showed that formations aren`t defensive / attacking, people are.  whilst workmanlike, they attacked, they got forward, and they won it. 

anyway, tonight`s game.  timmy is back.  this guy could almost have stepped out of a roy and the rover`s comic book.  he never plays scared.  never stops believing, and will add to the team`s positive outlook. 

also, pim is looking confident, and that has spread through the whole team.  this is not the socceroos who bumbled their way through the asian cup.  this is a calmer, deeper squad.  a squad that no longer looks to its talismans (harry and dukes) for inspiration/leadership. 




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