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October 5, 2008

unconditional love …

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not even jesus gives that shit out. 

umm, how does this apply to football. 

well, when my team starts belting the ball down the field whilst standing around parking a bus in front of their goal, i don`t really mind if the other team steals a draw.  i don`t mind if the other team steals a win. 

yes, i am cruel, and callous, and did not appreciate how they were out on their feet after fighting their way to a 1 – o lead.  the roar need to add a first gear to their game.  all that buzzing around is great, but a couple of times this season they have looked out on their feet before the final buzzer has sounded.  get charlie miller bossing from the middle, play a bit of energy conserving keep ball, heaven forbid, slow the pace.  and then speed it up again.  and then slow it. 

but was something else going on?  tiatto went off, and dodd went to the holding role.  and kruse was up front with reinaldo.  were these tactics showing a lack of trust in dodd?  dunno.  kruse was anonymous, but given the team`s negative tactics, everyone was anonymous in that last 15 minutes. 

seo for the holding role when tiatto is off the pitch? 

massimo looked good.  mckay? don`t get the feeling that this is his best …


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