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September 29, 2008

whale hunting and incest

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this is an only in japan story … or should i call it a things you won`t see in oz story?

anyways …

turned on the telly and watched some sunday night jap tv.  there is usually a mix of variety shows, cute animals and world focus (like that sbs show global village/world village). 

recently i watched the world focus show and it showed traditional indonesian whaling.  there was this rickety old wooden boat – almost half the size of the whale.  and a wiry, vibrant old indonesian man at the front of the boat with a 3.5 metre wooden spear.  he leaps into the water and spears this shallow swimming huge whale through the heart.  first time.  the whale is dead.  they drag it home.  the happy villagers chop it up for meat and oil.  so i watched one element of indonesian culture / traditional life.  you just won`t see this on aussie tv.  even on sbs.  the aussie world view on whaling means we can`t see anything on tv about this element of other cultures. 

please note that i haven`t mentioned my own personal opinion on whaling.  the for and against has been covered and argued to hell and back.  maybe i will bring it up in another post.  but what i wanted to highlight this time was “here is something you just don`t see back at home”.

on to incest.  popped a dvd into the old ps2 (a jap flick), and got stuck watching the promos.  and one of them was an angsty, teary high school drama about high school love.  the main characters were played by suitably pretty young j-pop singer and a suitably pretty teen tv actress.  then i noticed the word “imoto” in the title of the previewed movie.  that means little sister.  no neighbours actor or aussie pop singer will ever star in a drama or movie about a brother /sister relationship.  ever.  i would even bet money on it (as an avowed non-gambler, that is something). 

nb incest is illegal in japan.  but there does seem to be more fictional material on the subject than in australia.  is the taboo (of discussing the act) weaker?  methinks so.  i don`t know about the taboo surrounding the act itself. 

only in japan?  only not in australia?  its a big old world we live in, and not everyone thinks the same way.  it is easy to forget that.


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