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September 28, 2008

my team won … yay

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yay.  queensland roar went down to melbourne.  beat a very good team.  best team of the comp so far.  goals from two of the roar`s young stars. 

and it feels all so … blegh. 

ummmm.  the coach is persisting with playing an easily knocked over import striker (who is not a centre forward) as a forward.  the guy who should be leading the line is over on the right wing.  the guy who should be on the right wing (kruse) is watching the games rather than playing in them.  charlie miller is being asked to do too much.  that old abused body is gonna break down at some point.  two run around a lot guys are being played through the middle of the park.  and they are running around a lot.  just choose one, mckay or murdocca.  not both.  tahj minniecon is the fastest guy on the team, the most disruptive element we have.  and he gets 20 minutes a game?  right now the roar start with a line up that is a journeyman`s paradise.  a lineup that screams “we are trying to not lose”.       

ummm, what is good atm?  luke de vere in the backline.  we need some speed back there.  the rest of that backline is geriatric … maybe tomorrow i will think of something good. 

not good.


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