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September 27, 2008

kaz patafta is just as important for aussie soccer as matt simon …

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maybe not kaz patafta.  but australia needs for a midget to come along and kick ass at this soccer thing.  otherwise we`ll be stuck with our obsession with tall strong clydesdale type players who can give a kicking and take a kicking, but not produce that magic that can unlock an organised defence.  a nation of mistake free tryers.  we`ll be stuck as a good footballing nation, but never become a great one.  even worse, we`ll be one of those boring, nullifying football nations. 

so how does this come about?   instruct the refs to whistle the thugs out of the game?  maybe not.  there is this school of thought that the game should be altered so that the artistes have the protection, the time and the space to do their merry dances.  that the big bad bullies should be brought into line. 

i don`t buy it.  that feels artificial.  if beautiful football is worthy of attention, it should be capable of winning games without the help of the officials.  and i believe that it can.  the technical player has to show that there football is better than thugball on the pitch.  they need to keep standing, get up when they get kicked down, and win games against physical teams.  the recent history of arsenal vs bolton is an interesting example of this.  the pretty boys from arsenal would be near the top of the league, and pass their way through many teams, but they couldn`t beat their bogey team, bolton.  a bunch of kicking, long ball, park the bus in front of goal relegation avoiders.  but recently, arsenal learnt how to beat them.  and they didn`t have to become bolton to do it.  and they didn`t need the referees to “protect” them to start winning. 

so while patafta is sitting on the newcastle bench, we wait for our beautiful technical football saviour.  could it be his teammate song?  he`s a gun, if he could go up another level, he could be the chosen one.  zullo?  ummm, probably not.  needs to raise his game a couple of levels.  is there a midget currently playing in the a-league capable of the required amounts of awesomeness?  i hope so.

oh well, back to waiting.


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