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September 27, 2008

blind taste testing – is expensive alcohol wasted on me?

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been thinking about doing some blind taste testing for a while. finally got around to it.

walked out of the room, then my girlfriend poured two short nips of gin … one was a $9 bottle of “suntory” gin, and the other was a $16 bottle of “bombay sapphire”. (for australia just take the prices and double them …).

which was which? what differences could i notice, and could i tell them apart?

no problem telling them apart. but which one was the “nicer” drink? all i could tell was that one was more “bang!” and the other was “flatter” in terms of flavour. the bang one was more fragrant … but which was which? was the flatter drink the more expensive one? sometimes drinks are more expensive because they are smoother … or was it the bang! one. or was it more bang cos there was more industrial ethanol floating around?

i picked the flatter drink as the expensive drink, and i picked wrong. in hindsight, it was a pretty boring drink. you wouldn`t want to drink a couple for fun. chie, my wonderful assistant, could pick out some extra flavours in the bang! drink … i couldn`t.

stage 2, mixing the gin with tonic. it became hard to tell them apart. chie picked which was which, but acknowledged that they were much closer in taste with tonic. me, i couldn`t separate them. the differences were gone when they were floating around in tonic …

there was still some difference, but was it worth $9? probably. dunno if we will finish off the suntory … the first couple of drinks were ok, but it got boring. we don`t want to drink it. i might flush the remains.

did the same kinda tests with a basic blended scotch ($12) and a fancy blended scotch ($50). a lot more differences in play … the basic was kinda boring, and there weren`t any extra flavours to notice … it was nice to see how much difference there was between the fancy blended scotch and the fancy single that sit on my shelf …

ps.  due to differences in taxation, alcohol in japan is about half the price of alcohol in australia.  i can try much nicer hooch than i would at home. 


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