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September 21, 2008

matt simon is important for australian football

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yup, as weird as it sounds, its true.  he`s no socceroo, but he`s the type of player you need to give depth to your player stocks. 

it would be naive to wish we had more kewell`s and vidukas.  we were lucky to have the two we had.  and we don`t know how we got them.  it probably didn`t have much to do with aussie youth development. 

but the health of the sport relies on the breadth of the playing base underneath the top level.  i wish we had developed more damian moris.  more sasho petrovskis.  you raise the sport by raising the minimum standards.  if we had more strikers like this year`s matt simon … the same holds true for other traditionally weak positions (for us aussies) – topor-stanley trying to be a left-back.  its a joke.  the wing spots. 

looking at the j-league, there is a real problem reaching the uninitiated.  the uninformed non-fan thinks that the foreigners get all the goals.  well, they do.  but the best players in the j-league are japanese.  they crank out midfielders by the dozen.  strikers?  not so much.  is it an asian thing?  china seems to have the same problem.


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