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September 20, 2008

they don`t all turn into champions …

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there is this long running thread over at bigsoccer australia, “wonderkids”.

back at the end of 2005, epl4life started this thread with an overview of the following players – rostyn griffiths, kristian sarkies, cameron watson, kaz patafta, james troisi, dez giraldi, james wesolowski, adam hardy, david williams, scott jamieson and nathan coe. 

none of these guys have had an easy run since then.  hardy retired due to injuries.  giraldi has faded.  watson is in the vpl.  jamieson is trying to get back on track with a run at Adelaide – playing left back (a weak position for oz), so could get noticed quickly.  wesolowski has looked good when not injured.  troisi has flirted with the National team.  pim verbeek sees something the rest of us don`t.  weso is the player with the most solid club career … the others have had to move, or are fighting for their spot, or trying to win a spot. 

injuries, a run of bad form, being played out of position being incapable of playing multiple positions, a new coach, losing your squad spot to a better player … so many things can go wrong. 

but luckily, more players have come out of the woodwork.  there are no “wonderkids” in oz atm, but a couple of solid young players are building their club careers and becoming national team squad members.  i was hoping a talent would come along to turn us into world beaters, but it didn`t happen.  what we do have though is a slightly larger national team

djite, milligan, spiranovic, valeri are the first that come to mind.  topor-stanley, burns, holland and some others have had smaller cameos. 

and out of these players who have stepped forward, somebody will fall to the wayside.  milligan doesn`t have a club.  topor-stanley has received awful advice – because he is left-footed, he has been persuaded to play left back.  he just isn`t one. 

but thats okay, somebody else will pass them if they falter.  somebody COULD continue to develop and win a starting spot in the national team, but that is not a given.  this group will be on centre stage for the next WC campaign (2014). 

the a-league has changed the youth dev scene.  the best still go overseas young, but some stay at home and work their way up through the a-league.  ben holland.  danny vukovic.  ben kantarovski.  kruse, zullo and minniecon.  others have come back from europe to the a-league to try to get their careers back on track – jamieson, nick ward …

i`m not a big believer in the youth league.  it could be another avenue for late bloomers, but the best should be playing in the a-league proper.  kantarovski is 16 and he has started in the a-league.


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