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September 20, 2008

my next videogame

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just finished off a flawed, but enjoyable ghost game.  so what`s next?

i thought about grabbing a copy of “no more heroes” the trashy, unique brawler/adventure.  its on my “to play list” just because the art style is so out there. 

the orange box is another excellent choice.  also on my to play list.  my poor little laptop can just about run it.  and i will definitely be playing portal. 

a couple of new games have come out since these … all were vying for my attention.  but then i realised.  i already have my next game. 

i swapped mario and luigi; superstars in time with my friend jeremy for his copy of phoenix wright 2.  i absolutely loved no. 1, and i had no. 2 just waiting to be played.  it is easy to discount ds games (and psp games too probably).  they are portable.  they are little.  crappy graphics.  its just for the train, or lazing before you go to sleep.  but you would be doing them and disservice, and yourself too.  but if i look back over my best gaming experiences in the last two years.  there is a lot of ds in there.  the zelda ds game. professor layton.  new super mario bros.,  nintendogs, as much as i hate to admit it, ouendan. 

gaming is changing, and there is just as much fun to be had with the portables now as with the home consoles.  sometimes more. 

ps. this comes from a big screen tv freak who has a decent projector and component stereo setup.


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