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September 19, 2008

can i have the first 60 minutes i spent watching the roar vs the jets back?

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hmmmm, dire, dire stuff.  perhaps the disjointedness of the roar`s passing and the consequent deeper position of the roar defence stopped the jets from scoring earlier.  usually the roar do all that pretty passing and commit forward only for the opponent to counter and score.  this time they couldn`t cos they were too busy being crap. 

the game opened up in the final 20.  but then the jets scrambled the ball into the net from a corner put the bal in the net.  and it was 3 points for the jets and 0 for the roar. 

who is looking the goods?  reinaldo.  bearing in mind that if he had a footballing brain, well, he wouldn`t be in the a-league.  zullo.  looked very sharp for mine.  minniecon.  a finished product he ain`t, but how`s that for a turn of speed?  miller.  class.  it is a bit scary relying on someone whose body could break down anytime.  and maybe murdocca.  maybe.

who should be on a bench?  van dyk – he isn`t gonna hit 10 goals in this league.  mackay – just looked an angry little man today.  mckay and murdocca is starting to like an “or” rather than an “and” proposition. 

whats the thinking with minniecon coming on so late?  just get him on the field and let him run at people.  being tired or not tired doesn`t make much difference to a tony popovic`s speed.  he`ll skin him either way.  yeah, he needs to learn how to stay on his feet.  and the ability to change direction (or even a pass or two) would make him more complete.  but, if he had these features, he wouldn`t be in the a-league; he woulda got snatched up much by the euro leagues already.

right now the season is headed for a 5th or 6th place finish.  so why not let the kiddies play?  zullo on the left, kruse on the right, minniecon at inside right – supporting reinaldo at the top.  charlie setting the tempo in the middle.  with tiatto as the holding and murdocca or mckay buzzing around.  they have an unpredictability that might jag a 4th spot.  or at least be more entertaining.   

and all this talk about how roar dominate at home, but lose or draw there … it makes it sound like there is no rational reason for the results.  when in fact, the roar`s finishing is the problem.  or one of the problems, but this is the problem i wanna talk about at the moment.  defence is an important part of the game.  passing is an important part of the game.  so is finishing.  right now it doesn`t matter how many shots the roar take on goal.  the finishing is awful.  by not acknowledging that it is a problem, you avoid fixing it.


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