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September 14, 2008

Recycled from the Happiness Blog – A day at the Sumo

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If you are in Japan, visit a tournament. If you are visiting Japan, try to schedule it so you can spend a day at the sumo. There are tournaments around the country. I think the Tokyo tournament is in August. Anyways, my message for today is that sumo is A GREAT WAY TO SPEND A DAY!!!

The arena has an old world charm. I love the ritual that takes place in each fight. Ritual that may take longer than the actual contest. And the wrestlers are impressive. Some for their bulk/fat, all for their strength. If you need a car pushed out of the way, these are the guys who could do it best. Most contests are straightforward affairs, BUT there are always some surprise fights that are longer, that have twists and turns and make the crowd go crazy.

The snacks are great, crunchy, savoury, and I never know what I have gotten till I eat it. Luckily for me, I love Japanese beer. And the chairs are comfy. And you can sit in the medium cost seats till you get moved on, back to the cheap seats …

TAKAMISAKARI is a hoot. Loved by the fans, he is a pretend tough guy/crazy man wrestler who spices up the pre-fight ritual by slapping his face or his muscles … and then promptly losing, or winning through good fortune. A yokozuna (grand champion) in the making he is not.

ASASHORYU is also a hoot. A medium sized wrestler, he has become grand champion through power and technique. He is also a wanker (that means a*$hole). Whether he would be considered less of a wanker if he was Japanese …

I met a low ranked sumo once. He was dating one of the staff at the English school I worked at. He took up space. Really, really, took up space. The kind of guy who makes rooms feel small.

I made a mistake in not visiting a sumo stable while I was in Japan. Guess I will have to put it on my ‘to do’ list.


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