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September 10, 2008

the style wars

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the last game between CCM and the Roar brought out some interesting, and very different viewpoints from a couple of the a-league bloggers …

were CCM positive?  were they negative?  is van dyk rubbish?  or was it M and who let the side down? 

were we watching the same game?

yeah, it is easy to take different things from the same game (e.g. did brett holman have a good game?  depends who you ask.  ditto for nick carle).

but the difference in the teams style made for an interesting contest.  the more direct CCM and the more probing Roar.  Some commentators (say, at SBS) would say “direct” is bad and “probing” is good.  but that last game begs to differ. 

i gotta admit, i have been a glory hound at times.  i loved how, at the last world cup, we played a way that neutral fans could enjoy.  i loved reading foreign reports/blogs saying how exciting our team was.  and i sniggered as everyone collectively agreed to forget that the greeks ever appeared at a euro, let alone won it. 

but, like paul and damascus and all that, i have seen the light.  nobody plays “stylish” “technical” etc etc football at the highest level because of some altruistic love of the game.  they do it because it is the most effective method for their particular team. 

that spanish team that played so beautifully to win the euro?  they played that way because that is the most effective way for them.  they would get absolutely belted if they tried to play a more direct/uglier style.  have a good look at their midfield.  the first thing you will think is “where is snow white?”.  Baddummmm tish!

those glorious brazillian teams of the black and white tv days played such sparkling football.  they didn`t want to be stepped on by giant north europeans, so they learnt how to step over.  baddummmmm tish?  dud i put some whiskey in my coffee this morning?  maybe i should have.  the jokes could improve.   

those amazing argentines are in the same boat.  they have found a style that suits their needs.  the fact that it is great to watch is secondary. 

so perhaps it is foolish to hope for australia to emulate teams with very different physical qualities / cultural personalities.  the challenge is to develop our own style that is best suited to our physical and cultural traits.  the style that is most effective for us.

should we try to develop our skill base?  definitely. 

should we forget that we are giants who can run all day and like to kick people?  naaaaah!

the only real split that i can see in playing style isn`t technical/physical – it is scared/brave.  are you playing to not lose, or are you playing to win.  the aussie campaign at the olympic finals is a good example of playing to not lose.  i and many others don`t like that style.  but that is a story for another day.

ps.  do we need to be more accepting of aussie players who don`t fit the giant, runallday stereotype?  yes.  we need to accept and accommodate the slow, the small and the weak.  because they can be brilliant, fluid and dazzling.  its their loss too, but our collective loss is greater.


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