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September 9, 2008

understanding the boo birds …

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john nicolson over at football 365 does some very interesting writing.  using “take a dump in your grandmother`s mouth” as a metaphor for the unthinkable?  classic. 

the last thing of his i saw was an article on the new trend of booing your own team.  whilst interesting and funny, my thinking on this topic went off on a completely different tangent to his. 

the gist of john`s article was that the sheer obscenity of the wealth of the average premier league / england player, and the fact that they have very little in common with maradonna or pele are crap makes people mad.  or at least, that was how i read it.

but here is another theory.  now that modern football clubs are in the “entertainment” business, people expect to be “entertained”.  paying through the nose to watch a bunch of players whose only connection to the club or the area is that the club pays them the best possible salary … and the club is owned by someone no-one has ever heard of.  all this has lead to much more demanding fans. 

in the old days fans would put up with an off day by a booby moore because he was “their bobby moore”.  from the area and he was staying in the area.  lucas neill will never get anywhere near as much slack for a bad day at the office.  he isn`t “their lucas neill”.  he is a professional player from the other side of the earth who has moved and will move in order to advance his career.  many fans` feeling that west ham had to pay over the odds to get him also don`t help. 

the premier league (and other top leagues, with the honorable exception of the bundesliga) have continuously ratcheted up their prices to a point where fans are feeling like they are being bled.  perhaps it is also a symptom of modern life, where “its all about me”, but fans are now more self-centred.  fans are paying much more, and now want their money`s worth.  hey, its entertainment, isn`t it?  why should i put the cash to go to your football game instead of a play, a night on the piss, or any of thousands of other choices.  entertain me.  the clubs have whored themselves, and their fans now treat them as such. 

crazy talk?  yeah probably.


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