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September 4, 2008

j-league – the asian import slot

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i am over in japan ATM (teaching english holiday) and from what i have seen of the standard of the j-league, dunno how many of our a-league players will get raided …

talay and rudan aren`t doing badly, but they haven`t exactly set the world on fire, their team is mid – lower table in the J2.

and a guy who was the player of the year last year – griffiths, comes over and fits in well for a short spell with a J2 club. would he warrant a start at a good J1 club? dunno.

bosnar has had a solid career in holland. and he came over to play with relegation fodder.

apparently djite considered going to urawa before choosing genclerglibi …

i am thinking it is more the lower league euro based aussie talent that could get targeted, rather than a-league based players.

anybody that came over would have to be tactically and culturally flexible. j1 isn`t the championship. don`t know how much they go for the old blood and thunder stuff.  another consideration is what positional talent is in demand over in japan.  similar to australia, there doesn`t seem to be any shortage of midfielders over here.  i think the fullback spots are pretty well stocked too.  anybody who saw gamba osaka play would remember their leftback.  its the strikers and centreback stocks that are leaner.

i don`t think they want our brosque`s.  they want our beauchamps.  (maybe not beauchamp per se, but minor euroleague based talents who play in positions that aren`t well stocked in japan).

will be interesting to see how this all plays out.  there is a lot of asian talent taking these spots too.  koreans, chinese, thais … i think it`ll be a handful of aussie players picked up at most. 

i think it would be good for the national team to have a layer of talent plying their trade in asia.  another resource for asian cup games and WCQ – players who understand how they play the game in asia.


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