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September 3, 2008

the buying a title fallacy

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the “buying a title fallacy” is a lie perpetrated by fans of big clubs.  big clubs with long, successful histories.  and bagloads of money. 

yup, man u and sunderland were competing on a level playing field last year.  both trying their best to win the title.  the team`s budgets (and the talent you can buy with said money) had nothing to do with it …

when all is said and done, you need a certain level of cash to truly compete for league silverware.  it seems strange to complain because one rich club has more money than the other rich clubs (for example, platini complaining about the english clubs in the final four of the champions league, rather than those little battlers from madrid, barcelona and milan).  or to complain because a little club becomes a rich mans toy and joins circles where it doesn`t belong (imagine kath and kim winning the lotto and moving into an old money neighbourhood). 

when liverpool look longingly for a suitor/owner able to “provide the funds necessary to challenge for the title”, well that`s good … but if QPR does it, its bad? 

with our salary cap keeping our two major centres (sydney and melbourne) financially close to the regional cities/centres, this is a discussion that we won`t be having about the a-league anytime soon (i think).  but with so many aussies following the game both at home and abroad, it is something that comes up.


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