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September 1, 2008

hail to the victors

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as a queensland roar fan, i had a big piece mapped out in my head that would run through all the things that went wrong for the queensland roar in their 4-2 loss to the central coast mariners.  but in hindsight, that feels small. 

ccm earned their win.  everybody knows they work hard, but the thing that stood out for me was as a team they moved forward in numbers with purpose.  they kept knocking on the door, and eventually it opened.  repeatedly. 

i had to clap matt simons first goal.  yeah, it was an open goal.  but would he have gotten a shot from that angle last year?  dumb rhetorical question – he didn`t get any goals from any angles last year.  local boy done good.  and he doesn`t step away from anyone.  even someone as mad as danny tiatto.  he seemed to enjoy niggling him. 

i hope jedi can stay on the pitch.  a very good destroyer who can contribute going forward.  i think he has room for growth in his game.  not an international standard player, but i think every a-league team would find a spot for him in their midfield. 

bojic has looked very comfortable, very quickly, in that left back slot. 

ccm will never be mistaken for barcelona, but they outskilled the roar on sunday. 

hail the victors. 


ps. i reserve the right to right a later post saying how the roar got everything wrong … in detail.


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